Amiga cd32 collection

Amiga cd32 collection

Released inthe Commodore Amiga CD32 lacked the necessary marketing power, system specifications and third party support to compete against the hugely successful Sony Playstation and it's commercial life was cut short when Commodore filed for bankruptcy in In all, the CD32 received less than official game conversions during it's brief lifetime - but thanks to the release or perhaps leak?

However, many of these are hosted on illegal ROM sites and others are either non-working conversions or feature embarrassing start-up script errors such as missing assigns that result in unnecessary 'insert disk B' messages during play.

amiga cd32 collection

Out of those tried and tested, few feature CD inserts and even fewer specify if the game requires any additional non-standard CD32 hardware such as a keyboard or mouse to play. This little sub-section of the RGCD site is our alternative solution - tested CD32 conversions available for download in. Although starting out with a modest selection of games, we are in the process of converting and testing dozens of others in collaboration with other CD32 enthusiasts, all of which will eventually be listed on this page.

Legal Note Although the majority of games featured on our discs are widely available over the net via emulation sites, to keep things above board we ask that you do not download any previously commercial games unless you already possess the Amiga original. If this honesty-policy is abused then we'll have to enforce a download request system.

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This will mean that if you want a copy of one of the discs you'll have to send us an email via the contact page confirming that you already own a physical copy of the game s featured. This isn't a particularly nice way of doing things, so please be responsible with your downloads. As a final note, if you are an IP holder and would like your game removed from this site please let us know and we'll comply immediately.

Follow the links for full release information, screenshots, jewel-case inserts and downloads for each disc. If you download and enjoy the games featured here, please consider registering for the full version of WHDLoad - your support will reward the coders and result in more hard-disk and CD installable games! I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who has supported this project, either with submitting conversions, sharing tips and advice or even just giving positive feedback.

Extra kudos goes out to hitchhikr and StingRay for their programming assistance and startup-sequence optimising tools. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Newer Post Older Post Home.There was always some upgrade or gizmo you could add that would let you do something new, or do something faster.

The TerribleFire is touted as being able to do both of these things and then some. Naturally, as soon as I spotted it on AmiBay I wanted one…. Foam pads are present to prevent the exposed solder pads from touching the metal shielding cover inside the CD32 when inserted. The is a straight-on view of the riser board. The male DB25 port on the right is for hooking up an RGB video cable for vastly improved picture quality. Close-up of the CPU. On the TF board it has been overclocked to run at 50Mhz.

Side view of the TF — note how the CF card can be tucked underneath. Installation is pretty straightforward and involves removing the plastic expansion cover on the back of the CD32 console. This is the CD32 expansion bay where the TerribleFire card will be installed.

With the cover removed you can clearly see a big empty space left above the shielding.

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The edge connector can be seen at the bottom of the image. The TerribleFire card will occupy that empty space above the shielding. With this fitted the card is securely held underneath the main TF board out of harms way.

Not an essential purchase but as I store my CD32 vertically I thought it was a worthwhile extra to prevent things moving around.

Here are some photos of the TF after I installed it. The transparent plastic stuck over the circuit board protects it from being shorted out accidentally.

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The PIC chip is missing for reasons that I will explain later…. To boot into Workbench all you need to do is turn on the CD32 without a disc inside it. After a few seconds the CD activity light starts to flicker away and then up pops the workbench screen. I was not disappointed, it ranked between the Amiga and which is impressive. My card came pre-installed with hundreds, if not thousands of games all ready to play with a few clicks of a mouse.

Removing it is supposed to make it invisible to the CD32 so it can boot up as normal. Much better than the composite I was having to use previously. Whether or not I was using Workbench or playing a game off CD this worked flawlessly. People report greater success with really old keyboards rather than currently available ones.

The seller was really helpful and even offered to refund me if the adapter turned out not to work. The keyboard initially behaved like a key was stuck down. Simply removing the PIC chip solved this problem completely with no negative effects.

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In fact with mouse and keyboard attached it can even be used for productivity stuff just like an A, only with a built in CD-ROM drive! The addition of the RGB video port makes everything look its very best too! Bottom line, if you have a CD32 then the TerribleFire is an essential upgrade for it. Just found your blog its great! There are covers that you can 3D print for the TF that give good protection and clean up the look. I even designed one with an integrated SD card reader for easy updates.

Ended up in the bin.This release has been consolidated onto one big CD32 disc. See here for more details on what disc the games have been moved to. Last edited by Amigajay; 26 February at Cheers guys!

I would have liked to have included Jim Power i have it on my own personal version but since the rights have been obtained recently for an official version id better steer clear of it! AmigaJay good thinking, we had to can our own solo release of Jim Power for that reason Are you planning to do a top down run-and-gun collection at some point.? Commando, Smash TV etc. Originally Posted by earok.

Originally Posted by Cylon. Issue with CD32load I only have tested this game so far. I haven't used my CD32 for a while, maybe the machine is just too old and in bad shape. Ive said it before and ill say it again. Great cover work there.

Originally Posted by Riempie. Originally Posted by ransom That's a great looking menu. Too bad it isn't available anymore. Attached Thumbnails. Originally Posted by LongLifeA Find More Posts by Pyromania. Originally Posted by Amigajay. Thanks, all my old releases have been consolidated into bigger game discs, with updated slaves and some with cheat modes, see the updated first post for the link. I've also forgotten where in WinUAE you can remap the keyboard.

Those CDs are really cool.

My New Amiga CD32 Console

I still kinda wish I could see those old classic menus you made. They look very nice too. Thread Tools. Games images which need to be WHDified abime.

Wiki abime. The time now is Archive - Top. CD32 Conversion.The death of Commodore meant that the CD32 never really had a fighting chance when it was released in It tried its best however, and while it featured a lot of ports, there are still plenty of great games for owners to collect.

amiga cd32 collection

Diggers Released: One of the bundled launch titles for the star-crossed console, Diggers followed the antics of four mining concerns on the planet Zarg as they competed, with the help of the user, to rob the world of its resources. The joypad provided a frustrating interface experience, but fortunately Millenium had the foresight to allow mouse control.

Clean, if uninspired, graphics and chirpy tunes made it an enjoyable title for the right gamer, but was probably a bad choice for a bundled game. It far, far better than its accompanying launch title Oscar mind you. Worms Released: Worms appears to have been released on practically every gaming platform known to man, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the CD32 received a version of its very own. It should also come as no surprise to learn that, like many other CD32 titles that have been mentioned on these two pages, Worms was pretty much identical to the original Amiga version.

Interestingly, a legal download of the CD32 version of Worms appears on the Dream17 website, so check it out at www. Also known as The Misadventures Of Flink, this game made full, unabashed use of the monumental storage space available on these new-fangled CD ROMs and greatly beneffited from it.

The whole thing gets kicked in the nads by a crippling lack of a save option, however.

amiga cd32 collection

Damn shame about that. Yes sir. Those with a fetish for tough blasters would do well to track this down straight away. By keeping up the game speed and making the ship as controllable as possible, it elegantly camouflaged the somewhat limited gameplay and ticks all the right boxes for a proper console game, which, in retrospect, was exactly what the CD32 lacked and so desperately needed.

Alien Breed: Tower Assault Released: Team 17 was well known for going above and beyond the call of duty when it came to porting games across to the CD32, and the superb Tower Assault was no exception. Featuring an extremely lengthy intro, beautifully drawn sprites, a new retreat move that enabled you to walk backwards while firing, and plenty of over-the-top blasting action, Tower Assault was yet another excellent blaster from Team 17 and was perfectly suited to the CD In principle. It may be little more than a port, but, with the greatly reduced loading times and superb voice acting, fans should snap it up straight away.

Zool Released: Zool is generally considered as one of the greatest Amiga platformers ever made — hardly surprising when it has no Mario or Sonic games — so it should come as no surprise to learn that the CD32 version was obviously the best incarnation of the bunch. Go on. You know it makes perfect sense. Tags: alien breedbansheebeneath a steel skyCD32commodoredgenerationdiggersguardiansimon the sorcererwormszool.This banner text can have markup.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Media Type Media Type. Topic: Amiga software. Version of the Amiga programming language Blitz Basic, with extras. Collection of various technical notes, reference manuals etc.

Amiga CDTV version of the multimedia game. You must be ready to enter perilous places and confront dangerous people. The games are accessed via a user friendly menu system with all games on the menu compatible with the CD Workbench, Parnet and Sernet are also provided to allow access to the full contents on this truely amazing Compact Disc.

To ensure that nothing has been missed we have also provided Assassins Games Disks 1 to archived on the CD and the Assassins Utility disks as well.

These are Collection of uploads to the Aminet. While the Aminet itself continued gathering software for years to come, this was the final CD-ROM release in the series.

TOSEC: Amiga CD32 (2009-04-18)

Snapshot of all content on the Aminet, as of December 18th, Includes disks to of the Nordlicht Spiele series, in.

DMS format. The player takes control over Klont, a kangaroo, who has travel to numerous levels while saving baby kangaroos and killing a boss at the end. Of course there are many enemies which decrease Klont's All of the games are accessed via our easy to use Menu system. Also included on the CD, the entire Assassins games compilation 1 to60 jam packed Utility disks plus other various game disks in DMS format. These are easily de-archived from the Amiga Guide document provided.

The Amiga Guide also provides access to instructions for each game and it is possible to play the Topics: virtual pets, tamagotchi, shovelware, cd-rom, amiga, windows Coverdisc for Issue 92 of CU Amiga magazine. LBM. CDR Encapsulated Postscript:. IMG PageSetter:. GEM PrintShop:. PNM. POG ProClips:. Collection of Desktop Publishing software and resources for the Amiga. Collection of 1, Amiga shareware games from the Aminet, as well as over 70 other games.

Collection of graphics and fonts for the Amiga, in a 2-disc set.

amiga cd32 collection

German language.Post a Comment You do not need an account to sign up or log in Feel free to post a comment as a guest user. Please dont spam! Selection screen complete with obligatory 4 channel mod bliss. Amigajay has just made available on his website, a free compilation of unreleased Amiga CD32 demo's and even full games that were canned at the last minute before getting published. Putty Squad - You all know Putty right!? Personally the best game on the disc. Son Shu-Shi - Very colourful Wonderboy clone with groovy music.

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One can only imagine what the developers of these games must have felt like to have spent so much time creating something, only for it to be erased from history.

Well, thanks to Amigajay and people like him, we get to keep history alive, and give the developers the recognition they deserve.

Be sure to check out Amigajays site and this release. As usual tell us what you think down below, and don't forget to subscribe for more cutting edge stories. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.If you buy the recently released TF you get an accelerator CPU and 64mb fast ram ,making it 4 or 5 times faster than when in its stock configuration, but Had this machine been released 2 or 3 years earlier than it was, im sure it wouldve been massive,but bythe 3do was around and the PS1 was waiting i n the wings,so it didnt have a chance.

But if your interested in some Amiga gaming history ,do your self a favour and get this along with a TF or TF and have a wander through the Amigas huge games library, its sure to bring up some fond memories of games you may have played years ago. I bought my first CD32 only recently but always wanted one back in the day. I have several other Amiga machines. Please make sure these are recapped yesterday as the SMD caps will be leaking now as they're 25 years old.

Mine was fully refurbished by a respected guy in the Amiga scene and it runs a dream. A great machine but don't pay over inflated prices as these can be sought very reasonably if you know where to look.

Wonderful console. A retro amiga gamestation in cd version.

Amiga CD-32 Manuals

You can play it's games nowdays. Easy use,great game intro and sound. This video game system provides solid bit gaming and a wide games library. Backwards compatibility with Amiga CDTV games further bolsters the number of available games for this console.

Twin controller ports allow the Amiga CD32 console to provide multiplayer gaming. This particular model of the Commodore Amiga CD32 sports a grey casing. PAL encoding allows this video game system to play most European game releases without any additional hardware. While the Amiga CD32 console is not the most recognisable name in gaming it does still have a place in the history of gaming as one of the earlier bit systems.

This console features a distinct controller design for its generation with upward -acing "wings" off the main body. The non-standard D-pad on the left has the appearance of a disc, while the coloured buttons on the right provide standard input.

With a large games library and solid technology, the Commodore Amiga CD32 has a place in retro gaming collections.

The TOP TEN Best Amiga CD32 Games

Additional Product Features Product Name. GPD Consoles.

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