Divi gallery 3 columns

Divi gallery 3 columns

The Divi Gallery Module allows you to create beautiful image gallery in a responsive grid layout. The gallery is considered responsive because it will scale the size of your images and adjust the number of columns in the grid according to different browser widths. By default, the gallery module has three breakpoints points where the style changes at certain browser widths that adjust the number of columns in the grid. It will display your image gallery in four columns on desktop and then break into three columns on tablet, two columns on small tablets and large phonesand one column on phones.

This default setup will usually work for most cases, but sometimes you may need more control over the number of columns displayed on certain browser widths. Here is a sneak peek of what we will build in this tutorial. Notice the different number of columns for the image gallery on different browser widths. For this tutorial, you will need the Divi theme installed and active.

You will also need 12 images added to your media library to be used for the building the image gallery. For a Divi gallery module using a grid layout, the size of your images should be around px by px if you plan on your images opening up in lightbox display so that it fills the screen nicely on most desktops.

For starters, create a new page, give your page a title, and deploy the Divi Builder. Then click to build on the front end. With the Divi Builder deployed, go ahead and create a new regular section with a one-column row and add a Divi Gallery Module to the row. Divi will populate the gallery module with some images from your media gallery in a grid display like the following:. To do this, all we need to do is set the gutter width to 1.

Also, as an option, you can make the row fullwidth in order to make the image gallery span the full width of the browser. To do this, open the row settings and update the following:. If you want to add spacing between the images in the gallery, I suggest using this method since we need to keep the gutter width set to 1. As mentioned earlier, by default, the Divi gallery module will display your image gallery in four columns on desktop and then break into three columns on tablet, two columns on small tablets and large phonesand one column on phones.

However, we are going to change this up to include a custom number of columns at certain breakpoints using a few snippets of custom CSS. If you want to change the number of columns displayed in the gallery so that the number of columns stays the same on all browser sizes, there is simple way to do this. This might be helpful if you only want to display your gallery in one column, two columns, or three columns.

That way you can have really large images on desktop and smaller images on mobile while keeping the column number the same. Having four or more columns will probably not work since the images will be too small for phone displays. If you want to gain complete control over the number of columns displayed when the browser reaches certain breakpoints, we can use a few snippets of CSS with media queries that target certain browser widths.

This will make sure our css is only applied to this specific gallery module. To do this, open the gallery module settings and add the following CSS class under the advanced tab:.

Looking at the CSS, you will notice that it is broken up into four separate media queries. The top media query adds styling to desktop browsers browsers with a minimum width of px. The second media query adds styling to browsers around the size of tablet, and so on.Our latest plugin, Divi FilterGridmakes it even easier to change the columns.

In our example, we add the following class three-column-grid to our module.

Changing the Number of Columns in the Divi Gallery Module at Different Breakpoints

Notice we are only changing the layout to three columns when the browser window is at least px. If you are displaying a large number of posts per page, you may run into a few conflicts.

This seems to be a moving target with different versions of Divi and conflicts with 3rd party plugins. I would suggest testing the layout at these two breakpoints: px or greater and px — px. You can override a single item like this:. This should override the clear value for the 61st post in the grid but only when the screen size is between px and px. I have tried adjusting the padding and margins with CSS but it hasnt resolved the issue. Are you able to assist?

Hi Kathryn.

divi gallery 3 columns

You have a few options here. You can either add a minimum height to each grid item:. Or you can add a clear rule to every fifth item:.

Hi Kimberley. You would just modify the values in the CSS. Specifically you would change this: margin: 0 7. Just make sure if you change the right margin like above, you also change the width so that the total between width and margin equal or come very close without going over. When I do this; the first page of the posts look as they should. However, when I click over to Page 2 and 3 of my Filterable Portfolio — some are really close together, others are more spaced out.

Please advise. Hi Elyse. I have a custom field in my posts. Can I pull it into this portfolio module to appear next to the excerpt? Can you tell me how to do this with 5 and 6 columns.

I cannot seem to get the nth elements correct.

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I get 4 then 3 then random columns in the 5 column set. How can we set it to 1 column in smartphones without changing the other media? Hi Maties. The CSS above is wrapped in a media query that limits it to only apply to screen sizes px or above. It will not affect smartphone screens if applied correctly. So make sure you have copied the code in its entirety. If you still see two columns on mobile, you may need to update your version of Divi.This effect can be used in a number of different ways on a Divi website.

Easy peasy. And again, you can add this to all kinds of elements in Divi. Images, text boxes, icons, blurbs and more! Again, you can name the class anything you want, then adjust the column with for tablet and mobile according to how many columns you want.

You can use any number of column options and this effect will override the mobile settings. And the same idea here can be applied to things like galleries, projects, blurbs, etc! I'd love to do more. But as you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to put these together. In order for me to do these, I need to take time away from my business which is what's currently paying the bills. If you'd like to leave a tip and show your appreciation, it would show me that the time I invest in these is worth it and will help keep more coming!

Custom Amount Custom Amount Whatever you'd like to tip is much appreciated! Great post! But I am really struggling to get this to work in the Extra Theme, which uses a category layout as the home page. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated? Its for mobile and tablet view only. That section has been disabled on desktop. You could probably use the Divi Builder plugin in Extra and use this method though. As always, great tutorial, Josh! Thanks so much for taking the time to share the value!

I know almost everyone hates doing that. Thanks, Kheti!

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Glad the tutorial helped! Is there a way to stop the blog module from collapsing until it gets to a set screen width, the px breakpoint is too soon for my needs. Thanks Dan. Yeah you can just adjust the media query breakpoint to whatever width you want instead of px.

You can use code CSS30 at checkout if interested! Is there a way of keeping the gutter width settings though? To solve this, also add box-sizing. Great tutorial. I implemented it on a Divi site and can only get the layout to work on landscape orientation and not portrait. Any ideas? Thanks Thom. This isnt working for me… how can i get some additional help quickly? I am building my website by myself because of cost and my mobile site looks horrible and therefore I cant make my site live yet.The Divi Builder is incredible and we absolutely love it.

But I recently was trying to create a header on my personal religious blog and wanted to be able to resize Divi column widths. I knew there were no solutions to this within the Divi Builder, so I came up with my own clever system and it works extremely well!

This tutorial will help you do this too, and I hope you love it enough to share it around with others! I know that other popular page builders have resizeable columns, but I never thought it was necessary until Divi 4. Notice that the header columns here do not match anything default in Divi.

Pretty cool, huh? I wanted to make a solution that was easy for others to use and avoid confusing CSS media queries and custom classes. Before we begin the main part of the tutorial, you need to make sure your row has a few settings in place first. The most important thing here is to select the correct number of columns. The last step is to override the default width. We can resize the Divi column widths by using some CSS to force the columns to any size we desire. Simply copy the CSS code snippet below and paste it in each column.

In case you missed it, you can now set CSS to apply to desktop, tablet, or phone within the builder. Be sure to check your tablet and mobile when you are resizing columns! Here is a screenshot from my personal blog site. Notice how the header has 4 columns, and yet they do not match any of the standard column layouts available in Divi.

The only thing I could do to get the layout I wanted was to resize the Divi column widths to something that worked. This is just one example. You can resize Divi column widths with as many columns as you want and in any increment. We release a full tutorial every Tuesday! We also release other helpful tips, freebies, and resources throughout the week.

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This email list will send you an email when we post a new blog post. Today I will show you how to transform your blog page layouts into something truly unique by using the Divi Blog module Offset Number feature.

This tutorial will show you how to add a second line of text to your Divi menu to give extra info or style or to call out menu items in WordPress.

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Thanks for sharing this Nelson. I just tried this with a 4 column footer on my website and it worked great on the desktop view. So then things look super squished on those mobile views. Hi Josh, Yes, by default with anything responsive it carries over. If you have the Desktop, Tablet, and Phone enabled when you paste the code in the Desktop, then it sounds like a bug, but you can simply override the width for each device. Let me know how it goes! I have the same issue with CSS.Divi Academy Membership gives you exclusive access to over resources, including child themes, layouts, cheatsheets, tutorials, live training and member perks.

Something I see asked so often and is actually really simple is how to vertically center content. Adding a custom CSS class to your stylesheet means you can vertically center any content in a matter of seconds. The Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. Add a new standard section with how ever many columns you want to use for your layout, I am using four in this example.

Now add your modules and content to the row, you can use pretty much anything. Here is a rough example. I am using image, text, blurb and button modules and as you can see, all the content is aligned to the top.

I would advise adding this to your child theme stylesheet so when you want to use it again all you have to do is add the class to the relevant columns and switch on equalize column heights in the row advanced settings. If you found this helpful please leave a comment and subscribe to my newsletter for all my latest Divi related content. Michelle has been building websites since the late nineties, back in the days of GeoCities and Napster, before the web was the wonderful place it is now.

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We take your privacy seriously, and you can opt-out at any time. See our privacy policy here. For example in the Blurb module to vertically align an icon.

How to Create Half Text / Half Image Columns in Divi

That element may require different code. And you can only add properties and values in the advanced tab, not selectors. Thank you for this solution. That just made my rows disappear completely. I have a situation where I need to center an entire section on a page and have it be centered on all devices etc. What I have as additional code, that it should change the order flip the columns… on smartphones:.The Divi Gallery module has 4 columns by default in the grid format.

Or, less than 4, for example 3 as well. First of all, just create a Divi section, add a row and insert the Gallery module. And upload your images for this gallery. Then the most important thing to do is to add the following custom CSS code to the gallery module advanced settings. This CSS code will make your gallery have 5 columns. If you want e. For example, if you need just 3 columns, use And so on. For more Divi tutorials like this one, you can subscribe to my newsletter.

WordPress expert. Divi user since You can read more about me here. You forgot to mention that the number of images needs to be changed in the module setting, otherwise you will still only get 4 images displaying as it is the default setting and the extra images will not display even though there is room for them, with extra columns.

One thing that may be worth mentioning is that if a person wants a gutter between their images the percentages will need to be adjusted slightly. Your email address will not be published.

How to Keep Columns on Mobile in Divi

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divi gallery 3 columns

Good luck with creating your gallery! Don't miss a post on my blog Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with all Divi theme and Elegant Themes news. Christine on April 30, at pm. Dan on July 21, at pm. Hey, Thank you for your post! It was very helpful and worked exactly as explained. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This blog uses cookies.

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By browsing it, you agree to its Cookie Policy.In a previous series I wrote for the Elegant Themes blog, I did cover some of these concepts but some recent Divi updates have caused some issues with those previous customization methods.

Particularly for the different column options. In this tutorial, I walk you through how to change the columns for the Divi gallery, how to create a tight padding layout, how to create the zoom effect and how to customize things on mobile! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! My original gallery series on the Elegant Themes Blog. Adding links to the Divi Gallery. I'd love to do more. But as you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to put these together.

Q8: Vertically center any content in Divi

In order for me to do these, I need to take time away from my business which is what's currently paying the bills. If you'd like to leave a tip and show your appreciation, it would show me that the time I invest in these is worth it and will help keep more coming!

Custom Amount Custom Amount Whatever you'd like to tip is much appreciated! But can you show me some other transition like we have now in divi? Hi Josh, I seem to get white gaps at the bottom of some images, where the slightly taller images create a difference between themselves and the slightly shorter images. It seemed to work at first after I hit save, but then just bounced back to looking ugly and messy like when in the visual editor. Anyone else had this issue?

Divi can struggle cropping them off if one is wide, one is tall, etc. Hope that helps! URL of client website? Please Help! URL is best. Same height and width, etc.

divi gallery 3 columns

But there are many gallery plugins out now that have that ability. Please answer this specific question only. To my knowledge, Divi tries to crop them at the same aspect ratio so that the images line up evenly. Yuor video is great!