Letter to my first grandchild

Letter to my first grandchild

I have been thinking for a while about what it would be like to have your own legacy. Yes, I have my children and I can see the things that I have passed on to them.

K and all sorts of changes. I lived it, but, in my opinion, not a lot was going on. We had cool clothes, awesome music; including Madonna and every Hair Band you would ever need, movies; The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink to name a few. Every generation had the things that made them unique.

But, what do I hope that I can give to you? I think back to my predecessors and what they have given to me. I have learned from stories that were told by them, but also by stories that were told about them. I think it is important to provide a verbal history, as much as a written one. We have the tools, why not use them? Our ancestors did not always have the option or it was extremely tedious to provide a written history have you ever see the cave walls. But, then I think about things that started with me.

Things that I may not have learned from others or that I felt were unique to me. Did you know your Grandma is a book nerd? Forever student? Hopeful author? Note to my readers: In thinking of these things, what are you? Where do you get your attributes, quirks and so on from? As I write and share this, I want others to know it is so important to share your history with those who come behind you. It is our duty to teach the future generations what we know so they can learn from us and hopefully be better for it.

What do I want you to know? I want you to know that I love you very much and I cry every time I think of you this was written before he was born.

You have two very smart and amazing parents. I hope you get my gift of writing, music and love of books. I hope you can feel what others feel and have a love of nature. Although you do not get to choose whether you are feeling the good or bad from people, it is good to know when others may need you. I hope you are comfortable enough with yourself to be goofy.

Making people laugh is an art. I hope you are strong in your convictions. I have come to the realization that I am an idealist. There is a reason for everything. I think people should do the right thing because it is right, not just because something is wrong.

letter to my first grandchild

Treat people like you want to be treated and it will come back to you. Follow the Golden Rule. I have updated how some of it was written to put it in first-person before starting the conclusion. Per my previous blog, intuition runs rampant in our family.I was stunned that such a small child would ask such a profound question. But it did get me thinking. We will not always be together. Our grandkids are young and they have their whole lives ahead of them. I, on the other hand, have more days behind me than in front of me.

What words of wisdom can I give this younger generation, my grandchildren? What life lessons can I tell them that will make their lives happier, more meaningful and more purposeful? Each of us has special gifts and talents, so embrace everything that is unique about you. As you grow up, you will come to know these talents and you will develop passions — a life purpose and goals that you want to accomplish.

If you want to be a painter, then paint. If you want to be a teacher, then teach. If you want to be an entrepreneur, that do that. Decide what is important to you and do it. Whatever you decide to do, it is important that you put your whole self into it. Give it your all. Take the brakes off and embrace your life and all that you do. You will find that it makes life so much more fun and you will get so much more out of it.

Life has a way of bringing all of us a great deal of happiness, but it also has a way of hurting us. No matter what has happened, it is up to you to resolve it. It is up to you to envision what should occur next and to put a plan in place to make it happen. If you take responsibility and control you will imagine new possibilities and design something that you do want for yourself.

You will take yourself out of the past and move yourself to a better place. This will make a profound difference in your life. You will be happier with your opportunities, your support systems and your environment.

Always be open to learning new things. Be curious about the people, the experiences, the events and discoveries taking place in the present as well as those things that we can learn from the past.

Decide to continually understand the world around you and expand your thinking and ways of doing things. Take classes, attend lectures, read books, hang out with others who are interested in what you are. Be engaged. You will find that your life is more interesting, you will have greater opportunities and ….

I have moved many times in my life to different places. There was always a sense of sadness when I left the familiar and replaced it with the unfamiliar. It was hard saying goodbye to friends, acquaintances and support systems. It was challenging to start fresh and to meet new people. I have learned that there are amazing people everywhere you go. People who will inspire you and with whom you will develop a close friendship.You are loved by so many — most importantly your mother and father.

They know how to enjoy life, and they are fun to be with. Furthermore, they are intelligent, responsible, and hard-working. Your home will be filled with love and laughter and learning. You give me the gift of knowing my own son as a parent. You bestow upon me the cherished role of grandfather. As your grandfather, I will love you forever and will always delight in you.

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I will celebrate your triumphs and successes and as long as I live, will also be there to pick you up when you fall. In fact the world is already a better place now — just because you have arrived. Never forget that, never waste it or take it for granted. There are so many that will never be given that chance.

We have high expectations of you. Be confident in all that you do. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.

letter to my first grandchild

When you are older, travel as much as possible and as far as possible. Discover new places and learn about other people. Read constantly and about everything. Knowledge is the key to so many things. Know your own mind and have the courage to follow through on your decisions, even if others try to deter you. Know the difference between decisions of the heart and decisions of the mind.

Sometimes they can be confusing. As a general rule, when it comes to love, make decisions of the heart. In business or critical decision making occasions, make decisions of the mind. The future holds great promise and it all belongs to you.

letter to my first grandchild

So be guided by your parents and your grandparents. We have walked the road some of us more than others! Welcome to the world, my little James. About the author: Robin Buxton.A little more than two days ago, on Oct.

I first laid eyes on you not 45 minutes after you emerged from your dark, warm and crowded-but-comfy home for the prevous 40 weeks, you still in your birthday suit, your proud papa standing at your side, decked out in surgical gown and boots.

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He smiled and I smiled back. So did your other grandpa Art your middle name is after himand your grandmas Tracee, Emelie and Trinity, the first of whom is related to you by blood, the other two by marriage. You had us at first sight. We all love you equally and beyond measure. You looked around through those tiny, tired and swollen eyes, already taking in the strange new place. Minutes old and we could see your innate wisdom and intelligence shining through, just waiting to be revealed through the coming months and years.

With good fortune and luck, we and many others neither we nor you have met will have the privilege to witness that revealing. That new life lived. Dad stroked your face and smiled with a joy that blew away whatever hours of fatigue had preceded it. A nurse came by to give you your first bath.

You cried and turned red, then calmed as she swaddled you in a diaper and blankets. Dad went to check on mom for a few moments, and you fell asleep.

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We kept staring, fighting tears and nearly numb with gratitude, and finally went home for some sleep of our own. None of this was unique or special, yet it was utterly unique and special. Millions of kids are born every day, many in the same general way you came to us. But that instant you grabbed your first gulp of air, let out your singular cry and became fully your own little being — so dependent, yet so complete — had never happened before in the history of the world.

There is absolutely no one else like you, never has been and never will be. And every moment you live will have its own unique sound, sight, smell, touch, reaction and thought. Amazed and blessed. Energized in a way only a relatively young 53relatively active, not-yet-jaded grandpa can be.

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And hopefully I have some solid advice that will keep God, or at least Good, close to your heart. Here are two start with, oldies but goodies: If you wrong someone, apologize and mean it. If they wrong you, forgive and mean it. Simple lessons, though it took me a few decades too many to learn them. Aunts and uncles and cousins and extended shirttail relations. And we in return have so much to give you.

We are blessed beyond belief to have you with us. As your mom and dad walk you into your new home for the first time and build their lives around you, our country and world are in what seem like hopeless straits. We have no working national government to speak of, with the men and women at the center of that government showing far less wisdom and grace and willingness to seek out the comforting and knowing gaze of their fellow man than you did in the first few moments of your life.Dianna is a writer with a background in education and business.

She writes to inspire and encourage others. I remember hearing the expression, "Grand parenting is much more fun than parenting," as a young mother and wondering how this could be true? Although I enjoyed parenting my child and miss having him in the home, I now have to admit it took some work coupled with loving discipline to get through the stages of childhood, preteen and teen years.

My husband and I made some mistakes along the way, but we didn't mention this to him. I guess he figured it out all by himself anyway! It was a bit of a whirlwind at times, and some days I was flying out there solo in space wondering where am I going with this? Parenting does not come with a driver's manual and you have to learn things the hard way: through experience.

However, grandparenting is different. You have already been through the parental journey and can now sit back and enjoy the view. It is your privilege to share with your grandchild what his or her parents did at their age, to the dismay of their moms and dads. Grandchildren bond with you quickly on this point, try it and you will see what I mean!

Letters to My Grandchild

I will have to say that grandchildren keep you busy and do tend to shadow your every move. They want to be near you, and they consider you their older buddy. We love this in our relationship and find it most endearing. My husband I disclose nothing on myself enjoys spoiling our grandchildren and misses them when they are gone. He would never openly admit that his heart yearns for them, but he does have a way of expressing himself in a round about way to friends.

The grandkids just left Sunday. I can tell you that we've been by ourselves for quite awhile now, so we've been used to a quiet house. Took us about a week to get used to a messy, noisy one again; and now they have gone and the house just seems extra quiet this time around.

After taking them to the airport, we spent the day doing absolutely nothing. But, not sure if it was to rest up or because we were bummed because they were gone. Our grandchildren are getting older and we can see the pre-teen years just up ahead.

Robin Buxton

The distance between us limits our ability to physically be there to help guide them. They are fortunate to have parents who love them, care for their needs and provide great parental guidance on life issues. However, as a grandparent we can give them extra support by gently mentoring. We have learned that children and their parents need to have loving support through the early growing years.

As Grandparents, we now have the extra time to provide this as often as we desire. We now know how to listen with interest and respond with wisdom from our experience.

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We have the opportunity to make up for mentoring moments missed with our own children. Letter writing is an effective communication tool to use in reaching out to children, especially your grandchildren who live a great distance from you.Y ou took your time, Bonnie.

I was beginning to think I'd never be a grandpa, and then suddenly you made a rush for it and came whimpering into the world two months premature, with no cot ready and no knitting done. Granny's needles are clicking like mad, trying to catch up.

Your mum arrived in when I was Your granny chased a car thief down the road a day or so before she was born. We had thought that having been prolific at such a young age I was 22 when Aunty Nancy arrived we would be knee deep in grandchildren and great-grandchildren by now, but fashions change.

It seems that lots of people wait till they have lived a life, saved up and become secure before they venture into parenthood. We live longer now, with greater expectations from life. I can't remember if we ever calculated how much your mum would cost. We just knew we wanted six children. We ran out of steam at four. I suppose the costs were lower then — there were no multifunctional pods with on-board wasp alarms and toddlers could ride in the front seat of the car.

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All we needed was a secondhand cot from the weekly Advertiser, a pushchair with a wobbly wheel, a bottle of Milton, a dummy only for emergencies and some cloth nappies. As soon as we got married, we were ready to conceive. Now it seems that, somehow, children are more precious. The thought of throwing you up in the air and catching you just scares me.

The idea of spinning you round till you fall over is just not going to happen. And what about dog mess, strangers, traffic and germs? We had lead in petrol then — no wonder I had no sense. Now we put bacterial stuff on before we visit you and open doors with our elbows in case of germs. We have to protect you from so many things. I read that because we are so clean, it may cause you to have less tolerance to allergies, and I'm not going to be the one that lets you help clean the toilet like your mum did when she was five.

I am starting to look round our house, wondering what I should tape up or cover with fire-retardant foam. Are there protrusions, hidden dangers, laburnum seeds, compost bins?

Are you more precious? Or is it because you will only be on loan to me occasionally and I need to hand you back in perfect condition. A generation ago, if your mum got damaged through me being careless well, that was just the scuffs and scrapes of growing up and learning to be a parent.Grandma's Briefs is for grandmothers and others.

Bits on life's second act and the empty nest: the good, bad, humorous and heartwarming of being a baby boomer, grandparent, parent to adult children, wife and writer. Features include lifestyle articles, reviews, recipes, grandma profiles, and more. Considering the proliferation of techy ways grandparents can now keep in touch with grandkids, it takes — for many of us — a fair amount of intention and forethought to actually create a handwritten letter for those little ones we love so much.

It takes motivation, too, and motivations are a plenty this time of year, considering the upcoming season of special occasions. Spring and summer are filled with graduations — from kindergarten through college — as well as pending departures to college, weddings, relocations and more. Plus, regardless of season, there are always newborn grandbabies we want to commemorate with a letter for the baby book.

There also are siblings of those newborns, to whom we want to express our love as they lose their only-child status and gain big brother or big sister status, and various special accomplishments and achievements for which we want to express our pride and delight.

The reasons for writing to a grandchild are many, yet it's apparent by the high number of "How to write a letter to a grandchild" search queries that lead folks to Grandma's Briefs that many grandmothers are anxious about putting pen to paper and letting loose with their sentiments. In light of those searches, today I offer some tips to help grandmothers and others do exactly that. Now deliver it! And don't forget that regardless of your grandchild's age, an age-appropriate sticker on the envelope is sure to bring a smile — even if the recipient is a soon-to-be college graduate!

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