New fender guitars for 2020

New fender guitars for 2020

Buying your first acoustic guitar is undeniably thrilling and something you'll never forget, which is why it's so important to pick the right strummer — and our guide to the best acoustic guitars for beginners will help you do just that.

Your first guitar lesson 10 easy guitar songs How to play powerchord riffs. Your new beginner acoustic guitar has to stay in tune throughout your practice session, and it has to be rugged enough to last, especially if you plan on playing it outdoors or in a live setting. More importantly, it needs to sound great… and ideally you'll get all of this for an entry-level price tag too. Sounds unrealistic? We've done all of the research for you here, so you can forget about feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of choosing the right beginner's acoustic guitar for you, and get super-excited about the six-string beauty you'll soon be learning to play all of your favorite or original songs on.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many items have been harder to come by. At the time of writing however, most musical instruments can still be bought pretty easily, and our price comparison widgets will guide you to the places that have stock, as well as the best prices online today. In this expert guide, we've rounded up 10 of the best acoustic guitar for beginners on the planet right now.

Once you have your code you can download the app via Google Play or the App Store and sign into your account. View Deal. Our overall recommendation for the best acoustic guitar for beginners right now is the Fender CDS.

This ace beginner acoustic delivers everything you could need when starting out, and all at an entry-level price. It offers great sound, is an easy player, and sports a rugged construction. The Fender CDS is a real bargain too. It delivers a versatile range of tones that really shine, whether unplugged or you're using the built-in acoustic guitar pickup.

A forgiving friend, it certainly helps bring out the best in your sound. Smaller-bodied acoustics are easier to play, and are more portable. The most common acoustic guitar design, and the most versatile, is the dreadnought, thanks to its balance of sound and playability.

The opposing ends of the scale include the jumbo, which produces greater acoustic volume, to the parlour guitar, with its small body and softer tone. Smaller still are the mini or baby acoustics. Tried and tested brands include Fender, Epiphone and Yamaha, and Taylor and Martin at the premium end. Relatively speaking, beginner guitars should be easy to play.

That means a low action — the height at which the strings are set above the fretboard. While aiding comfort, a smaller-bodied guitar is also easier to play, especially for younger or smaller guitarists. While the body of a dreadnought guitar typically joins the neck at the 14th fret, providing easier access to the higher notes, the parlour guitar typically has a join lower down at the 12th.

Tuning is typically a challenge for beginners, so guitar tunerswhich ease the process and retain correct tension, are vital. You'll find examples of a variety of these types of strummers in our selection of the best acoustic guitars for beginners below. If you're after an even closer look at some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners in this guide, we recently performed a group test on the Epiphone DR, Fender CDS and Yamaha FG With this Fender, you have a leading brand producing an excellent acoustic guitar at an entry-level price.

But the CDS has an action low enough to enable easier playing, while avoiding troublesome fret buzz. With chords chiming through, this Yamaha makes for a very forgiving acoustic guitar for beginners. Simplicity is the theme for amplification here, with no extra control provided to the Zero Impact pickups. The action is low and the neck has an even thickness, and typically of Yamaha the finish on the LL6 is of an extremely high quality.Featuring a few subtle modifications for enhanced playability and tone, some models incorporate prototypical features that barely saw the light of day while others have rarely seen transitional parts combinations that may have been used during the instrument's development.

Pushing the envelope in the name of art, the Fender Custom Shop Artisan series remains true to its roots. Built on tried-and-true vintage platforms, these custom-built masterpieces are crafted from select exotic tone woods and then outfitted with special appointments and features that subtly enhance playability. Every Artisan series instrument is a beauty to behold-the culmination of sonic perfection, passion and purity of design-with authentic Fender spirit at the core.

Each Custom Shop Limited Edition instrument is only available for a short time, making it eminently collectible and adding to its investment value. Crafted with many features reserved only for certain artists and masterbuilt instruments, they're exactly what the name says they are: highly anticipated, limited-edition models.

Based on vintage platforms, modified with new and time-honored upgrades by our artisans, Limited Edition instruments let players achieve specific and previously unimagined results. All new forthe American Custom is the Fender of modern times-and then some. With Striking finishes combined with contemporary features and detailed craftsmanship, new American Custom Telecaster and Stratocaster models are not only beautiful to behold, but also highly functional in a pure Fender fashion.

Our shrine to the heritage and legacy of the pioneering players who made us what we are today, the Custom Shop Time Machine series are vintage platforms gone good. These classic instruments are artfully aged to replicate the wear and modifications a well-loved instrument might have received over the course of its service life. While modified slightly for contemporary tastes—larger frets and flatter fingerboard radii—we use the original techniques and tools to create these magnum opii, ensuring the neck and body contours are always period-correct and packed with authentic Fender mojo.

A Fender Custom Shop instrument is extraordinary—you know it when you play one. Have it made left-handed or with a different color at no extra charge—you can modify any of the stunning Custom Shop models to taste.

Contact your Custom Shop Showcase Dealer or download our design guide and start designing the Fender instrument of your dreams.

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Download the full Custom Collection catalog right here! All rights reserved. Features and specifications subject to change without notice. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. May 9, NAMM Fender has pulled the curtains back on its electric guitar collection for this year. Building on the success of its American Ultra seriesthe brand has unveiled a host of treats for its fans, including throwback models like the Lead and HM Strat. Oldheads will probably recall this oddity from The former is an homage to lates models, while the latter is a tribute to the only version.

Both instruments feature a blend of era-correct appointments as well as modern Player Series specs to offer comfort, power and style.

NAMM 2020: New guitars! New synths! New pedals! New studio gear!

These guitars are characterised by their vibrant finishes and accessible price point. Check out some of them in the gallery below:. Fender Ultra 1 of Read our review of the Stratocaster and Telecaster here. Designed with the most technical players in mind, this beast features a narrow C neck, a inch scale, inch-radius fretboard — maple or rosewood — and 24 jumbo frets.

A HSS pickup configuration wraps things up, ensuring you have a wide palette of tones at your disposal. The Maverick was a hidden gem favoured by players who wanted to make a statement.

Built with leftover string necks modified for a six-string, it was certainly an unconventional one. Designed in collaboration with Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Rob Thorn, this guitar features generous use of Pearloid pervades, from its binding to its pickup rings to its Cabronita pickguard.

It also has two custom-designed Fender Gold Foil pickups, tuned for crystalline highs and creamy lows. Tone is courtesy of three custom-calibrated Double Tap humbuckers. For this iteration of the Troublemaker Tele Deluxe, Fender has opted to go with a bold Olympic White finish and flashy gold hardware to match that premium price tag. Other highlights include a modern C solid mahogany neck with ebony fretboard and a pair of Double Tap humbuckers with individual push-pull volume controls.

As its name suggests, this oddball combines the best bits of the Strat and Jazzmaster. It combines a figured flame maple top-on-bound slab Jazzmaster body with three Texas Special Stratocaster single-coil pups and a two-point American Pro Strat bridge.

This Jazzmaster exudes class, from its three-piece body — ash-mahogany-ash — to its three-colour sunburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish to its triple set of chrome-covered pups. No mystery about this one. The Jazz Strat combines the tried-and-tested silhouette of the Stratocaster with the neck, vibrato and pickups of a Jazzmaster. It does, however, present a few interesting appointments. The first of which is a custom Decoboom Streamline Pinstriped pickguard. The second, is a pair of aluminium radio knobs.

This understated beauty uses Fijian mahogany for its body, and features a bound and block inlaid rosewood fretboard.

Tone comes by way of a pair of chrome Double Tap humbuckers, and a two-point Synchronized Tremolo System wraps up the features for this simple-yet-gorgeous six-string.

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More information at fender.Concerned about buying a guitar online without playing it first? Finding the best electric guitar for you is a very personal choice.

new fender guitars for 2020

After all, there are countless shapes and sizes to choose from, all of which suit different musical genres and goals. Then, of course, you have to consider your budget at this time and what that amount of money will buy you. In our expert guide to electric guitars, we've recommended a host of options across several key price points. These cover every base from beginner guitarists through to gigging musicians and experts, giving all of you tons of inspiration when it comes to finding your first or next electric guitar.

In addition to this round-up of the very best electric guitars in the world right now, we have also split our expert recommendations down further by price point. You'll find a wide selection of the most highly rated instruments from our rigorous reviews, ensuring that whichever electric guitar you pick, it will provide years of faithful service and great tone, whether you're playing at home or taking your guitar to the stage or into the studio.

From the best Fender Telecasters or Stratocasters to the greatest semi-hollow, shred and guitars for metalno matter what kind of music you play, we've got you covered with this pro round-up of the best electric guitars. Beginners and those on a budget should consider Yamaha's Pacifica V. With classic double-cut looks and the company's renowned build quality, Pacificas have long been a go-to instrument for those seeking quality on a tight budget, making it our best electric guitar choice for newcomers and those on smaller budgets.

new fender guitars for 2020

If you're after authentic classic rock tones, opt for something from the big players — and that means either Fender or Gibson. The Fender Player Stratocaster is a great all rounder for vintage and modern single-coil tones alike. Investing in a new electric guitar?

We've got your back with a few essential hints and tips to steer you in the right direction and help you buy the best electric guitar for you Here's the most important choice you'll face: humbuckers or single coil pickups?

new fender guitars for 2020

Very generally, humbuckers have less top end and are suited to heavier styles. Fender's Stratocaster and Telecaster models are perhaps the best known single coil-equipped guitars ever. Try the Fender Player Stratocaster for funky vibes or the Vintera Telecaster for fuller-bodied rhythm and biting country twang tones. Think also about body shape. Planning to hone your shred chops?

A locking trem is near essential if you give your guitar's wang bar regular aggressive abuse. But what if it's not really your thing? Equipped with EverTune, it keeps strict tuning with a fixed bridge design.


Some body shapes cry out to be played a certain way. Gibson's ES Figured screams blues and blues-rock.Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Messages: Bluesbreaker, Tonemaster, Mustang, and Blues Jr amps Fender Play, Tone, and Tune. What other lineups are left to refresh?

Or do they start again? My two big theories and hopes Any thoughts, rumors, dreams, or hard news? Last edited: Sep 23, NolefinitySep 22, Stratafiedwayoutjohn and circles like this.

Fender NAMM 2020 - New Lead Player Series, Signature Models & Parallel Universe - Thomann

Messages: 3, AntstratSep 22, Messages: 1, JesseSep 22, Messages: 17, CRobbinsdiogoguitarStratoskater and 9 others like this. Age: 60 Messages: Stratafied likes this. I went to this event and he talked about it a bit. Messages: 7, Demon DavejtoomuchStratafied and 1 other person like this.

Age: 61 Messages: 24, The only Fender I would be interested in is a Messages: 20, Messages: 5, They were price cut everywhere a couple of weeks ago, now there are very few colors left on Fender's website and some of them have the "notify me when in stock" flag.

This would be an early change for them - Fender has stuck to a 6-year product life for the American Deluxes V1 wasV2 wasand V3 was so if they were sticking to that schedule the next update for the American Elite would be coming fornot That being said it could be a quick refresh - something like all new colors, or possibly a return to rosewood fingerboards from that streaked ebony given the recent revision to the CITES documentation requirements for musical instruments.

Or it could be a complete revision. Also back when the Vinteras came out there was a video where a Fender rep was chatting with the Anderton's team in the UK and the rep mentioned that there were likely going to be some limited run lacquer models based on the Vintera line. John CSep 23, DeviljhoStratwranglerThe Birdman and 1 other person like this. Age: 66 Messages: I hope they do something in the Thin line Telecaster area.

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God knows they make a lot of different strat types do they need more. JeepocasterSep 25, While styles and models differ, the working principles are the same. This is why Music Critic reviewed the top models and brands just for you!

If you've got more cash to play around with, you can see our review on the top electric guitars for under bucks. Be sure to take into account your skill level, style, and other needs when you're shopping for an electric guitar. With all these details worked out, choosing the best model and make for you will be much easier. Here's everything you need to know. Looking for something a little bit different?

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Check out our new review of the top electric violins here. Find Lowest Price. Fender is one of the pioneers in guitar production and makes some of the best guitars in the world. This midnight black guitar is a real beauty. It comes with humbucking pickups. These wide range pickups actually enable the guitar to be more rock-oriented. It comes with a deluxe gig bag so that you can store it safely and take it with you on the go. Why We Liked It - Hey, rock lovers! Everything about this instrument is perfect, no matter what sort of environment you're playing, the sound you get is amazing.

Check Sweetwater Price.

What’s next for Fender at NAMM 2020 ... new Strats?

It has the R and T humbuckers and 22 frets, making it great for bending. The slim taper neck of this guitar makes it both easy and fast to play. The Gibson Les Paul is lightweight, which enhances the level of comfort and resonance. You'll also need a guitar cable, click here for our top picks. This is a total rock guitar. Wood is the essential component of any guitar and controls the quality of the sound it produces.

The top is made out of maple, the back and neck of the PRS S2 Custom are mahogany and finally, rosewood is used in the fretboards.As a passionate guitar lover, you probably have heard about one of the most popular brands out there - Fender.

This company of high-quality musical products was founded inand ever since then is one of the leading manufacturers in the music world. Now, once you decide that you should get a Fender guitar, a next step in which one should you get for yourself.

Anyhow, there are few simple things why should you get a Fender guitar and what should you look for in such purchase.

Now, we will make a list of some of the best Fender guitars, both acoustic electric and bass, and try to describe every single one of them by providing a wider picture of pros and cons. Now, the best way of describing this one is by its features. This Fender comes with great equipment. Anyhow, you will get a hard case to keep your guitar safe and sound whether is rain or the Sun. Featuring a great body material, a hard case should maximize the durability of the guitar by a lot. Other than that, the guitar comes with tuner, strap, a pack of picks, and polishing cloth.

Now, the best possible way of describing this guitar is by its features. With this guitar, you will get everything that you need to know about aforementioned in the form of instructional DVD.

What comes with this guitar are amazing guitar bundle with gig bag to carry it around, from gig to gig, a tuner to easier tune your guitar, and a strap with a pack of picks. Other than this amazing follow-up equipment, you get a guitar with 20 frets with dot inlays for easier improvisations. The guitar offers a great vibrant tone and is suitable for different music genres.

There is a rosewood bridge with synthetic bone saddle and laminated spruce top. This will all increase and maximize the durability of guitar overall.

10 best guitars, pedals and amps of NAMM 2020

Now, what we have here is a bit different than other guitars. Simply speaking, everything that you need comes with one guitar. Anyhow, as every classical guitar, this one obtains a bit wider neck.

Actually, this one is a prime choice for fingerpicking newcomers. Finally, the guitar has Lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides. It belongs to a cheap price point category. This guitar is one of the strangest and most awesome out there considering the appearance. It comes in moonlight burst color. Other than that, you can find cutaway on one side, which will allow you to reach higher frets while improvising or soloing.

It has fretted fingerboard rosewood and laminated mahogany back. Furthermore, one plus to the appearance and playability are dot inlays and butterfly-alike inlay on the 12th fret.

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Now, guitar belongs to an expensive price point category, but on the other hand, it ensures great quality and can be used for professional purposes, recording studios, etc. This small-sized guitar might be everything that you need as a beginner. It has a bit shorter string scale length With only 1. Moreover, the guitar has a satin finished body that features an Agathis top and Sapele back and sides.

Furthermore, the guitar has a neck with rolled fingerboards edges, adding that way to its playability even more. Finally, the guitar belongs to an affordable price point category and offers great value for the price. This natural color guitar might be the best representative of Fender considering cheap price point category models.

Moreover, the guitar has a shorter This affects its compatibility and portability by a lot. This is mostly because of the 1. This will increase not only the durability but portability of the guitar overall.