Wild cat 1000x 2013

Wild cat 1000x 2013

2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Parts and Accessories

The XTZ was wicked fast! This was not the case when we sat in the all-new Wildcat It sounded ferocious, but with a driver and passenger aboard the new Wildcatwas only reaching speeds in the mid to high 60s.

What happened to the flame throwing H2 powerplant?

wild cat 1000x 2013

This was done by improving volumetric efficiency by changing cam profiles to boost its breathing capability. Arctic Cat engineers were able to improved both valve lift and duration, and combined that with a new pistons and a manifold to maximize airflow to the cylinders. This combined with boosted compression ratios made up the bulk of the power gain. The remainder of the HP gains can be attributed to extensive time spent reducing frictional losses and strategic fuel and ignition calibration strategies.

As well as increasing HP the engineers also reduced inertia mass in the crankshaft to give the V-twin a huge boost in out of the hole acceleration. As you stab the throttle, the front end violently reaches for the sky. This time reaching speeds in the mid 70s as we skipped over waist high whoops. The Wildcat X is improved from takeoff all the way though the powerband. The only negative, is that the new X will require the use of 91 octane to support mill upgrades.

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This system still features a Spike Load Dampener SLD that allows the driveline to slip for a millisecond under harsh spike-loads, reducing the torque load to the system. This allows you to keep your foot on the throttle at all times with out damaging the transmission or destroying axles.

Fuel is fed from a huge 8. Throttle response is ridiculous, and cold weather starting and elevation changes were never an issue.

A console-mounted shifter allows for Low, High, Neutral and Reverse ranges. There is also a Park mode, which eliminated the need for an emergency brake. We were able to completely stop halfway up steep up hills, put it in park, and the pound dry weight machine stayed in place.

If you take off the bodywork, the chassis looks more like an off-road truck then a UTV. Arctic Cat is the first to incorporate this type of frame design to UTVs. The front of the Wildcat is equipped with a double A-arm setup and 17 inches of wheel travel. At the rear is an industry-first 5-point multi-link trailing arm suspension that offers 18 inches of travel.

These Piggyback reservoir shocks utilized dual rate springs that have 23 position of compression, are preload adjustable and offer 13 inches of ground clearance.

We complained about the Walker Evans setup being too soft on the original Wildcat, which had us bottoming out over squared edges and hard landings. The Fox Podium shocks stiffened up the ride and made it very difficult to bottom. The new rear sway bar also made the Wildcat X more predictable over whoops and in the corners. Electronic Power Steering helped in the handling department as well. The power assist is a managed electronic control unit ECU that is activated with the turn of the key.

It measures steering input force, tire resistance and vehicle speed, and then provides the appropriate assist to the steering column through an electric motor.If you have a Arctic Cat ProClimb and you want to upgrade it to the Ascender hood and panels, then this is the best way to upgrade your machine!

For Arctic Cat and Yamaha. New Special Pricing! Bolt on horsepower. Stainless Steel and Titanium. This lightweight chaincase cover and oil tank kit is for and newer Ctec2 models, and and newer Ctec2 models. This lightweight chaincase cover and They have 4 positions per weight arm with easy to use magnets. The Jaws pipe is simply the best pipe on the market for the Ski Doo producing a solid horsepower! The pipe has amazing low end and mid range power too, not just peak power.

The Jaws pipe is simply the best pipe Our clutch kits utilizes a torsion secondary spring and custom helix which allows the clutches to shift into overdrive more top speed. This Flash requires wastegate rod adjustment as follows. The Hurricane hp Flash is rated to run on 94 octane and is safe to run stock exhaust. The Hurricane hp Flash Kit is a For your Ace Turbo with the new hp tune, these are the injectors needed. They are simply higher flow injectors than stock.

For your Ace Turbo with the new This kit makes your Turbo Ski Doo into a powerful yet very well mannered rocket! We use the Hurricane Performance tune, along with our Turbo back stainless exhaust system, Aluminum charge tubes, and Pro-Shift clutch kit. This kit makes your Turbo Ski Doo Fits models. These headlights even come complete with the bulbs Brand New take off Headlight from a Brand New take off oil pump from a new Arctic Cat This pump will work with engine reverse too.

Save huge!! Brand New take off oil pump from a We have two different rate torsion springs. We use these I our torsion spring clutch kits for the diamond drives and Arctic Cat Driven clutches. They will fit the old style stock Arctic Cat driven clutch too. We have two different rate torsion Diamond drive seal kit for models. Diamond drive seal kit for This simple kit supplies you with all of the roller bearings in the Diamond Drives.

wild cat 1000x 2013

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If you purchase this part, your order can only be shipped by ground. Windshield Wiper, Hand-Operated, 12 in. Tool, Clutch Puller, Each.The engine is paired with transmission and total fuel capacity is 8.

Front Hydraulic Disc brakes and rear Hydraulic Disc brakes provide stopping power. The Wildcat comes standard with a Bucket, 2-passenger seat. Close this There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Learn how Parts. Exhaust Exhaust Systems Mufflers Headers. Filters Air Filters Oil Filters. Vehicle Covers.

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Tie Downs.Arctic Cat Wildcat X. Last year, the Arctic Cat Wildcat hit the market and I was completely impressed with the suspension. We had the press intro in Barstow, CA and I could not believe how fast we could drive through the rough terrain see Arctic Cat Wildcat Review for more details. Although the suspension was second to none, the power and power delivery left me wanting more.

Well, Arctic Cat has made some great changes to the clutch on all Wildcats for The Wildcat X is the next evolution in the Wildcat line for those that want even more performance. The Wildcat X combines a new 90 plus horsepower engine with the incredible suspension of the Wildcat to take it to the next level.

The Wildcat X features a new sway bar that has been designed to work harmoniously with the all-new, position, compression-adjustable FOX Podium shocks and inch Maxxis Bighorn tires to create an unrivalled pure-sport ROV experience. Right away I noticed a huge difference in the new clutch.

Engagement is much crisper and you can feel it working properly through the entire power band. Arctic Cat mentioned that the new plus horsepower engine was a 15 percent gain over the standard Wildcat, and we could easily believe that with our precisely calibrated butt dynos. In combination with the new sway-bar the car seemed more sure footed in corners and tracked straighter and predictable in the whoops. Overall, the Wildcat X is a big step forward for the aggressive driver that wants to go fast in the dunes and desert.

While the Wildcat X is still all about suspension, it now has the power and clutch that many enthusiasts have been wanting. One area where I would like to see a change is to a slightly larger and more robust tire. The Wildcat X handles the rough terrain at such a high speed that you almost forget what the tires must be going through. So how were we able to squeeze even more power out of this torque monster? One of the ways we were able to boost HP is thru improving volumetric efficiency by changing cam profiles to boost its breathing capability.

We improved both valve lift and duration, and combined that with a new pistons and a manifold to maximize airflow to the cylinders.

This combined with boosted compression ratios made up the bulk of the power gain. The remainder of the HP gains can be attributed to extensive time spent reducing frictional losses and strategic fuel and ignition calibration strategies.

As well as increasing HP we also reduced inertia mass in the crankshaft to give this engine a huge boost in out of the hole acceleration. Here is what he had to say about the new Wildcat X:. You can definitely feel the increased power. Between the power upgrade and the new clutching, the car pulls hard all the way through the powerband.Try and keep a large wild feline in a tight cage for a while and see how it reacts when you open the door and dodge for cover. Chances are it will thrust forward with surprising efficiency.

The new Arctic Cat Wildcat X is a beast to be taken seriously, even if it is solely recreational. One thing for sure is that the growing popularity of Side x Side racing is a big factor everyone in this industry should be interested in.

It has more to do with how it performs over the toughest of terrain and can now keep up with or maybe even pass the fast Maverick or RZR XP. The original Wildcat was and stays unmatched in suspension travel and in looks, with a lower seating position than the others, that enables the occupants to feel a bit more at ease with the impressive high-performance capabilities of such vehicles than in the two others, but was lacking a little in off the line power, in comparison to these same rides.

Maybe even more so for a recently active on the Side x Side racing scene guy like me! Truth is I would even race that four-seat version, if they would let me, but you will understand my preference for the more frequent flyer that is, this two-seat off-road beast. Luckily, a few Wildcat X units were also there ready for us to discover and enjoy.

I have to admit, I was quick to make an unofficial reservation by leaving my helmet on the dash of an X unit. Among the few obvious changes first spotted were the Maxxis Bighorn 2. A center-mounted handle was added, to provide the passenger with better security, and both the X and Limited models get new heavy-duty front and rear bumpers. Polaris, during their wonderfully aggressive campaign, aiming to wow us with fun off-road vehicles that enable us to share the joys of trail riding with family and friends, was first to come up with this great idea of offering a new class of sportier, mainly recreational off-road vehicle.

The RZR-S is still certainly capable of entertaining two avid trail explorers at once, but the younger XP is a much harder to compete against true all-out racing machine. If you are familiar with the difference in performance, of these two vehicles, then you could say that there is about the same difference between the original Wildcat and this new Wildcat X.

Yes, it is that much faster and stronger, so well worth the extra money for those who expect a lot from their Sport Side x Side. We older kids are having a ball bringing new people into the activity, travelling to places we never dared go before, with speed and efficiency we could only dream of, not so long ago. The very successful RZR models, more importantly the S and XP versions, prompted other manufacturers to offer such fast and nimble Side x Side models, with a heightened fun factor as the main objective.

The Japanese are yet to enter this new class, which is surprising when you look at how much success Polaris as had with their RZR line.

2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Limited (Walker Evan)

Thankfully, BRP responded with their Maverick family, and now Arctic Cat with this impressively futuristic off-road racer. Yes, this new Arctic Cat Wildcat X does have what it takes to be a force against the others, in this exciting new class of vehicle, which has huge potential for success on the international off-road racing scene.

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There are rumors of a new Honda Sport Side x Side coming out; we like where this is going! The original Wildcat would sort of hesitate before letting all of its power be felt. By the way, another trail-ready Wildcat with a 50 inch width will be joining in soon!

Wildcat 1000

How cool is that? The Cat team had a copy of that new clutch assembly for us to observe and pointed out certain elements that made it special and a much more efficient package. Heat dissipation and air flow in the CVT housing is crucial to optimize the performance of such a high friction dependent transmission systems.

The most obvious particularity was an added large ring or flat circular plate over the ends of the cooling fins on the secondary, added so that the air flow is better concentrated in one direction, which helps with the evacuation of heat, translating into improved belt performance and longevity.

The entire set-up was obviously lighter. Also very interesting, is that when the plates come together, they stay perfectly in line with each other and thus engage the belt in a smoother less damaging fashion.

Usually, the interior plate rotates slightly in relation to the outer one as it approaches the belt, causing a bit of extra friction every time it engages.

With its plus horsepower, this one felt like it could take on the best out there and the first generous press of the throttle sent chills up and down my spine.

wild cat 1000x 2013

This torque generous output feels much better off the line and also gives the driver much better control of what happens with the rear, when the vehicle is already conquering terrain at a good rate of speed. This means that you drive the vehicle just as much with the pedal as you do with the steering, the way I think it should be nowadays, to be worthy of the Full or All-sport denomination. It got new high compression pistons, new cams, and a new crankshaft with pork chop shaped lobes, that are significantly smaller and lighter.

The wet clutch has also been removed, getting rid of even more rotating weight from the engine. Ok, now some of you might wonder what this wet clutch delete thing is all-about, and why would they put one in there in the first place?Just before be celebrated the new year, Arctic Cat gave us a little teaser of what was to come in — the Wildcat X.

We did our best to guess what Arctic Cat had up its sleeve, but we were left with far more questions than answers. Fortunately, Arctic Cat has now provided us with the answers we were looking for.

Our biggest issue when reviewing the original Wildcat was its power. It seems that Arctic Cat has been paying attention as the Wildcat X boasts plus horsepower — up from 78 ponies on the original Wildcat Other innovations making their way to the entire Wildcat family are a new sway bar that has been designed to worth with the all new position, compression-adjustable FOX Podium shocks.

Helping set the Wildcat X apart from the base Wildcat are inch Maxxis Bighorn tires, front and rear aluminum bumpers, and color matched seats. The Wildcat X will hit dealerships in March. Arctic Cat had already released models of the Wildcat and Wildcat Limited, so the updated models are being called model year Photos by Arctic Cat. Get ATV. Like ATV. Email a friend Comment. The Team Industries Rapid Response Clutch should help get more power to the ground, which was one of our concerns with the original Wildcat.

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